Natural Clay Plasters — a beautiful and healthy alternative to standard paint.

Safe for Chemically sensitive people

There has been an increased interest lately in natural looking, old world wall finishes. Many have now tried their hands at faux finishes, essentially blending and sponging various colors of paints onto the wall. Although these finishes can recreate an old world look, many chemically sensitive people may still find them offensive.

For many years we have been creating old world finishes the old world way, with natural earth and lime plasters. These wall treatments are beautiful in a truly natural way. They have a soft variation to the surface, with a mottled or washed appearance. They can be polished or burnished to give a glass-like sheen or left soft and open. But perhaps even more importantly, these traditional finishes are clean! They have no synthetic binders like acrylic or latex that release harmful chemicals into your environment.

We have been installing American Clay natural clay plasters in peoples homes for almost ten years. Once people see these finishes they just love them. There is something so comforting, calming, and interesting about these walls; they hold your attention with their depth and dimension.

Cali Clay is made in Grass Valley, CA

We love American Clay. It’s a great product produced in New Mexico. For several years now, many of our clients have been requesting that we develop a local version of the same product. Shipping from across the country is not as cost effective or ecologically sustainable as producing something locally, and Northern California has such an incredible wealth of natural resources. Lincoln Clay near Sacramento is famous for producing various high quality clay products. We have combined this clay with many other natural minerals and aggregates from California; the result is a strong, natural, and beautiful local plaster for an affordable price.

Our new clay plaster (Cali Clay is the working title) is a truly green product. It has no synthetic binders so it has zero VOC’s, won’t off-gas, and is perfect for chemically sensitive people who are looking for soft, “living” walls. This Clay plaster also improves air quality by being “breathable”, mold resistant and regulating humidity. Being softer and more natural means that clay plaster walls are more easily scratched and damaged, but that’s not a problem because they are also very easily repaired and will retain a fresh living look forever.

Cali Clay comes in a host of beautiful colors and can be applied in various finishes and textures by experienced installers. But it’s not just for professionals. One of the benefits of our natural clay plaster is that it can be applied slowly and reworked if need be, making it accessible to the curious and creative inexperienced DIY type.

So feel free to contact us and ask about our new Cali Clay — we will be happy and proud to discuss it.

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