Yuba Clay

We are very proud to be carrying a great new product called Yuba Clay. Its a clean and green clay plaster that has been getting excellent reviews from customers and installers alike.

  • Yuba clay is the only natural clay plaster made from indigenous Northern California minerals. It is manufactured in Grass Valley CA from a clay deposit of renowned quality in nearby Lincoln.
  • Yuba Clay is an exceptionally ecologically sound product. Because it is produced in Northern California it has a lower embodied energy. Yuba Clay contains no synthetic additives, only minimally processed minerals like clay and sand.
  • Yuba Clay is excellent for chemically sensitive people, there is no off-gassing, no VOCʼs. In fact clay plasters absorb toxins from the air, temper acoustics and humidity, and release negative ions that are known to elevate mood. And unlike latex paint, Yuba Clay is an inhospitable environment for mold.
  • Yuba Clay is quite durable and the surface is silken but not dusty.
  • When damaged, Yuba Clay wall surfaces can be easily and seamlessly repaired.
  • Yuba Clay can be applied quickly in one coat, or in two coats for a more refined finish.
  • The plasters base color is creamy white but can be tinted to any color.
  • Yuba Clay is available in two finishes: Duro has a coarse grain sand aggregate and is great for a base-coat or for a one coat application; Liso is a final coat plaster with a fine aggregate that can be polished to a very smooth finish.

Besides all these great attributes, thereʼs just something magical about clay plasters that have to be experienced to be appreciated. Words like Natural, Artisan, textured, old world and Mediterranean, may give an idea of its beauty, but donʼt quite do it justice.

Come down to our showroom to experience these unique finishes yourself.