Sun Cook Solar Cooker


$375.00 – SunOK Solar Cooker – Temperate Model
$350.00 – SunOK Solar Cooker – Tropical Model

The SUN COOK is supplied with the following items included:

  • instructions manual in english, spanish, french and portuguese;
  • recipes booklet, also in the four languages;
  • side mirror;
  • sundial.

The Tropical version doesn’t include the last two items.

Please Contact Us for purchase.

The Sun Cook is the most accomplished solar cooker nowadays. It combines the most advanced optics (Compound Parabolic Concentrators) and first class materials in order to bring the advantages of solar cooking to everyday use.

Now you can profit from direct sunlight to cook your meals outdoors while benefiting from the Sun Cook’s several advantages:

  • Better food – slow cooking allows food to be more succulent and keep both nutrients and flavor in a higher degree than other conventional cooking methods.
  • Solar cooking is the most economical way of getting your meals ready.
  • Pollution and CO2 emissions are null because the SUN COOK converts solar radiation into heat, like a greenhouse, thereby addressing our need for environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Cooking has never been so easy: by incorporating clever devices as the side mirror and the sundial to maximize solar exposure, the SUN COOK allows for completely unattended cooking. There’s absolutely no need for regular re-orientation towards the sun or to manually stop the cooking.
  • Safety and cleanliness as there are no flames, no fuels, no electricity and no ashes. Just plain simple heat from the sun.

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