St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime


Pure, natural hydraulic lime (NHL), used in Europe for centuries is coming back because it offers the ageless solution of authentic materials. It contains no damaging chemicals components like Portland cement and is free of acrylics, resins, etc.

It sets quickly and is easy to mix in conventional mixers. It produces building plasters of various strengths, allows for movement as it achieves strength over a longer period of time and has far better elasticity than Portland cement.

NHL plaster is resistant to water penetration, yet has high vapor exchange properties, thus avoiding condensation. It is a perennial material with centuries of life ahead.

Applied with normal working practices, using a well-graded sharp sand, it performs in even the harshest climatic conditions. The last coat applied, limewash, creates a finish of protection and beauty.

The production of Portland cement uses much more energy than lime production, due to the high heat required to produce it. This high demand on fossil fuels creates more pollution. Lime is more sustainable in the production.

Transmineral LeDecor Limestone can be used for ornamental or restorative purposes. It can be projected in relief work, recreating stone on walls, cast molded, and sculpted or carved.