Murco Wall Products Murco Mud


Murco M100 Joint Compund

Acts as a drywall mud or a texturing compound. Murco is a Hypo Allergenic formulation that is asbestos preservative free, and formaldehyde free, low odor and made specifically for chemical and allergy sensitive individuals. Murco does not contain any slow releasing compounds, so it is important to mix only what can be used in 24 hours time. It cannot be applied in temperatures below 55 degrees. Further directions are printed on each 25 pound bag. A 25 pound bag makes 3 – 3.5 gallons.

Material – Organic type formulation
Finish Color – Flat/White
Drying time – Depends on weather conditions up to 4 hours
Freezing Sensitivity – None
Volume Solids – 100%
Weight Solids – 100%
Flash Point – None
Compliance Standards – Meets ASTM standard C-475-81 and Federal specifications SS-J-570B-Type 1, Style 1
Storage – In bag shelf life up to 6 months under good storage conditions. Caution when water is added, shelf life is as short as 24 hours.
Packaging – 25 lb (11.3 kg) bags. 3-3 1/2 gallons