Durisol Inulated Concrete Forms – ICF


Durisol insulated concrete forms are the original insulated concrete forms – ICF system. They are the only reinforced insulated concrete forms that do not use foam or polystyrene, and are made from Durisol – a proprietary wood concrete material (cement bonded wood fiber).

Durisol wood insulated concrete forms are ideal for both below- and above-grade building construction. Durisol ICF forms can be an integral part of certified LEED and green building – from passive solar design to environmentally energy efficient construction.

Durisol ICF Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) provide a superior concrete green building technology that delivers cost-effective, high-performance structures. Durisol concrete structures are safer, quieter, more comfortable, energy-efficient, structurally secure, and environmentally responsible than any other concrete building system available on the market today.

Durisol wood concrete ICF forms can help make any building project a green building

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