American Clay Earth Plasters

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The Original Earth Plaster

Drawing from the techniques of ancient artisans, American Clay Earth Plasters (pat. pend.) create interior walls with a timeless beauty—textures and colors that will remind you of classical Mediterranean villas.

A Commitment to the Environment

A unique combination of natural clays, aggregates, and pigments creates colors and textures that make American Caly plasters a natural choice for beautiful walls. Available in 30 inviting colors, you can match any color scheme or interior décor.

Unlike some traditional plasters whose manufacture requires high heat, the chemical properties of American Clay plasters are not altered in any way by the manufacturing process. The earth plasters are formulated from materials found in the United States and manufactured in the Southwest. Low energy is used during the manufacturing process and there is virtually no building-site waste in application.

Inherent Comfort

Clay naturally controls the interior climate by absorbing and releasing moisture in response to environmental changes. Walls are warm to the touch in winter and surprisingly cool in summer. The patent pending process assures a durable, dust-free veneer plaster. What’s more, the natural earth finishes do not provide a “home” for mold growth, nor do they emit potentially harmful gasses from petroleum-based additives or formaldehydes.

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