Following Your Dreams

Can it be done these days?…just coming back from a entertaining weekend at Health & Harmony festival in santa rosa calif. i checked out there eco-village section and i was impressed w/ the do it yourself booths w/ strawcob, strawbale and recycled bldg. ideas that gets your mind going and your body moving… Yes u can. mostly i enjoyed very colorful books getting this important message across. Lloyd Kahn new book put out by SHELTER Publications…”BUILDERS of the Pacific Coast takes you on a creative journey that can inspires anyone including the whole animal kingdom. These days of Economic ” Depression” is really a clearing field for us to keep dreaming and doing recycling on a Grand Scale. Don’t buy it that there is “no choice” unemployment… when the money tap is turned down its time to turn on the flow of creative juices.

This book opens the big Door to small yet beautiful designs that smell like a garden in a spring rain. In the past i have been guilty of building too big… which translates into too much to clean and higher taxes to boot. not going there no more. the main rules i want to see is good boots, good coat, good hat! Simple but true. check out the latest “hobbit ” design home at a low impact home for the woodlands…and you get on board the Happy Train real fast.


Our Kiva designed home approached this using the earth dugout and a Ken Kern concept of building a circle structure using a center pole as your pivot point to doing radius form, worked well… write us for details. see pictures on our web site.

Today i find myself building onto our warehouse wondering if i am keeping to these simple concepts. the idea was to be prepared for the coming big changes in society …build a “caretaker” home unit on top the shop & sales rooms that can transform into a Youth/ Elders hospice in a Crisis time ( NOW ) with a second “commercial” style kitchen next to the living room (show room) for necessary food preparations. First came a plan then the plan became a road map…then came the house to recycle… a old Mic mac mansion in a craftsman style to be demolish to build another micmac this time around a stucco mansion. Every Beam in this structure is recycled. all the metal roof & vanscoat., and all of the coat ( insulation ) is cotton, Ultra touch. the whole inside is Clay, American Pride. and exterior coat is all LIme, Natural Hydraulic LIme that with age will turn to its original form… limestone. Best yet are Colors, all natural minerals pigments giving one something to be proud of like what u see in Mexico or Europe…lets change that here…give us color or we will do it ourselves. the way to go.
i promise to post pictures in the very near future as our building in wrapped in tarps to allow for a slow cure.

any thoughts out there?

Keith Robertson